Wednesday, March 23, 2016

How Kids Can Make Money

With the City of Toledo's Teen Job Fair scheduled for April 30, there will be several opportunities available for area youth to find summer employment. But what about kids who want to work their own hours, start a business or are under the age of 16?

Well, I have plenty of ideas for you to start making money right now! My inspiration came from this YouTube video:

After viewing the video, I started making a list of things kids can do to make money without filling out a job application. Check it out below.

Mama Meow's Money-Making Opportunities for Kids and Teens:

1. Babysit younger children or become a parent helper by playing with kids when moms and dads are busy.

2. Become a house or pet sitter and take care of homes and pets while friends or relatives are away on vacation.

3. Clean houses by vacuuming, sweeping, dusting and washing dishes or offer to clean a friend's bedroom.

4. Cook meals for busy families, college students or older adults.

5. Design a cool and useful app.

6. Do yard work like gardening and pulling weeds, rake leaves, shovel snow, water or mow lawns, pick up trash and dog waste.

7. Drive younger kids to and from school or to games and practices.

8. Chauffeur older adults around town to appointments, stores and help run other errands.

9. Enter essay contests with cash prizes like the annual one sponsored by Toledo Lucas County Public Library, Ruth Blank Venner and Mary Jane Blank McCormick:

Deadline to apply is April 4. Click image to download entry form.

10. Join a band or start one with friends and perform at parties, weddings and other events.

11. Make and sell jewelry or hair bows, decorations, cards and other craft projects.

12. Paint houses, fences, walls or other projects that need freshening up.

13. Raise crickets or goldfish and sell them to friends or relatives with pets like snakes and fish.

14. Sell unwanted items like clothes, toys, video games, DVDs, etc. 

15. Set up a lemonade or snow-cone stand during the summer.

16. Shred documents, file papers and perform basic office duties for relatives or home-based businesses.

17. Start a blog or YouTube channel and earn money with affiliate links and sponsors.

18. Take online surveys.

19. Tutor peers after school, offer music and art lessons or train aspiring athletes.

20. Type reports for classmates.

21. Walk, train or bathe dogs.

22. Wash cars, windows, lawn furniture, outdoor toys and bicycles.

23. Write an ebook or online articles.

24. Transfer VHS movies to DVDs or digitize photos, DVDs and Blu Rays for relatives to be able to view the media on all electronic devices.

Source: Simon Davison (Flickr)
25. Teach community members about computers, programs and ways to navigate the internet.

The list could go on and on, but the goal is to get you thinking about ways to make money by doing what you do best.

Make sure to get your parents' permission before starting any new job. Please remember to have fun, be safe and save some money.

The Free Teen Job Fair is on Saturday, April 30, 2016 from 10am-2pm at the SeaGate Convention Centre, 401 Jefferson Ave., Toledo, OH 43604. Area youth ages 16-24 are encouraged to wear professional attire. Click here for more info.

Top image adapted from Steven Dopolo (Flickr).

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